“For several years my upper eyelids were dropping and eventually impaired my vision. Dr. Trond Stockenstrom removed the excess skin from both eyelids. The operation was done under local anesthesia and discomfort following the surgery was minimal. About 6 weeks after the surgery my vision was great and the eyelids were so much more attractive than they had been for years. Gone was the tired, aged look. I received professional treatment and honest information and felt very fortunate to have Dr. Stockenstrom perform this surgery.”

“When Dr. Stockenstrom first recommended cataract surgery I was, at the very least, unenthusiastic. But as time went by, my vision got worse and declining vision and advancing age made the decision for me. For the operation, I was sedated and relaxed. Dr. Stockenstrom efficiently and effectively completed the job in about 20 minutes. For me there was no pain, no strain, and the results were immediate; brighter colors and vision so improved that after 40 years I didn’t need glasses. My only regret is that I waited so long and wasted so many years.”

“Dr. Trond Stockenstrom is not only highly intelligent, and competent, but he is also caring and kind with his patients-- we are very happy that we (came for my teenage daughter who has a cornea-ulcer from contacts), were referred to him!”

“Dr. Stockenstrom is excellent – hands on start to finish, thorough, patient & very willing to inform. I felt very safe and well taken care of with him performing my PRK. I highly recommend him for all your vision needs.” 

“Dr. Stockenstrom is the best eye doc in town! He listens and chats about life with you.”

“Dr. Stockenstrom is an excellent eye Dr. He knows what he is talking about.”

“I have some medical issues that involve my eyes, so I have seen Dr. Stockenstrom once a month or 1.5 months for dry eye and things like that. It took a year for the treatment to work, but since then it has been great and he is a great doctor. I went in just for an eye examination for new glasses and the optometrist said something else is going on. He referred me to him and he was in the same group. He was conservative and tried different treatments.”